Nueva revista de métrica

It is my pleasure to inform you that we are preparing to launch an international journal of versification and poetics (with the title “Studia Metrica et Poetica“, edited by Mihhail Lotman, Igor Pilshchikov and Maria-Kristiina Lotman).


All the papers submitted to the journal will be double-blind peer reviewed by external reviewers. The journal will be published twice a year in Tartu University Press. The purpose of the Tartu University Press is to achieve the acceptance to the Thomson Reuters’s database in a few years.

We are convinced that the need for such journal is rather high, since versification and poetics are important and promising spheres and there are just a few editions which concentrate specifically on these problems. The fate of the international journal „Poetics“ is worth mentioning here: the content of it corresponded to the title in its first years, but recently it seems to be more engaged in different ideological questions.  In accordance with the concept of our journal, our intention is to focus on these aspects of verbal art (in the widest sense, including both literature and folklore) which are related to different angles of techne. This will not exclude psychological issues nor different problems of reception, but we do not intend to address these as main topics of the journal.

We are interested in the diversity of both material and methods. The thematic range of the journal will not include just some narrow language families nor certain schools. Therefore we are especially interested in non-European and non-Indo-European traditions. As for the methods, the only restriction is that they have to meet the requirements of scholarly research, that is, the results must be verifiable. The studies of single poems are not favored as well, although we do not completely exclude these, when we are dealing either with an important question or a significant text.

Please find the guidelines for authors attached to my email. The deadline for submissions for the first volume will be August 15, 2013 and we expect to have it printed in March, 2014. The deadline for the submissions for the second volume will be March 15, 2014, the expected time of publishing will be October, 2014.

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